Experience Five Star Luxury in a homely ambience

The facility is designed with all luxury and it will provide a five star luxury in a homely ambience. We serve authentic freshly cooked Malabar Cuisine to the guests. Based on your lucky day, we may be able to get fresh fish and mussels from the local fisherman. We also grow vegetables with natural fertilizers. Many of the guests who have visited us have commented on the quality of food we serve. We have a direct access to the beach. The beach is pristine, safe and clean. You can take long walks on the beach, swim, and relax. An ocean facing Gazebo with beach lounge chairs is an ideal place to relax, read a book, or sip a cup of team. The facility is fenced by 12 foot walls and offers total privacy and security. The facility offers ultimate tranquility. Blackberry and mobile phones do not work here thanks to the geographic terrain and hence cuts you totally off from the outside world offering ultimate tranquility and relaxation. The home is housed in a coconut grove and there are many spots in the house including several balconies from which you can watch the ocean. Occasionally you can spot dolphins making a dive in the sea.





Shantitheeram is literary an abode of peace. The constant dance of the waves, the quite coconut grove, and the occasional fishing boat bobbing in the waters. Mythily Aunties excellent Malabari Cuisine is reason enough to overstay. The delicate balance of her stew, the soft fluffiness of Appams and Ariunda and the puttu was unlike the other we had before. We shall be back for more. You are truly Diamond Class. A big thanks to Uthamattan and staff.
Anurag Mallick and Jyothy Karat, Bangalore, January 13, 2012