The Property

Shantitheeram, the exquisite super luxury beach house is conceived by Shilen and Dr Neena Shilen. Shilen works in the senior management of an international company and Neena is a Developmental Pediatrician. They have lived for long years in Washington DC and have travelled around the world on business and leisure. According to some international travellers who have visited the location, Ezhara Beach falls in the same league as one of the finest beaches in the world.

Shantitheeram has been architected with a blend of traditional Malabar Architectural elements with modern engineering methods, technologies blended with luxury. This beach house has two floors and 6 bedrooms. 4 bedrooms on the second floor have exquisite, private beach facing balconies. The flooring is done with hardwood and traditional tiles known as Athangudi Tiles ( Athangudi tiles, named after the place of manufacture in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu, come in myriad colors and patterns and are made by a unique process using local soil and is used for floorings of many palaces in India. Interiors of 3 bedrooms are made with exotic teak wood handcrafted in a traditional theme , like poster beds. Interiors of 2 rooms are on a minimalistic theme with profuse use of teakwood furniture. In order to fully capitalize on the ocean view , the building has a high elevation. Every room has an exquisite ocean view. The bathrooms are of international standards. There is an ocean facing hard wood deck in the front where you can look at the sea and take a sip of tea or coffee. The beach has an out house which can be used to board chauffeurs or any one in your entourage (If you have one). Three rooms are air-conditioned using the latest Inverter based energy efficient technology. Solar heated hot water is available.

The property is constructed with red laterite stone with extensive use of teakwood and rosewood for furniture and furnishings. The property has a 12 foot wall with 24×7 security which makes the place private and safe. The property is lighted with energy efficient LED lights. The property has a 6000 sq feet cobble stone pavement and is in the midst of a coconut grove. An ocean front Gazebo with reclining chairs are available to catch the beach breeze and read a novel.

Mrs Mythily is the hostess of the home. She lives there with her staff and welcomes the guests. She has retired from government service as an educationalist. We serve traditional home cooked Kannur Cuisine to the guests.